Slim Sculptor
Slim Sculptor
Slim Sculptor

Slim Sculptor
Intensive slimming & skin smoothing body cream

An opulent body cream with body shaping effects that acts on a 2-dimensional level:

1. targets the look of skin dimpling (orange peel)

2. provides effective multi-targeted slimming* benefits.

The smoothing power of NocturCell thermo-active complex bases its action on skin’s natural mechanism during night hours, when skin tends to enhance its renewal and slimming processes. NocturCell thermo-active complex thanks to a biotechnological active produced by planktonic microorganisms operates on a sequential course of actions that along with massage application effectively contribute in the reduction of skin dimples appearance while smoothing orange peel appearance.

LipoSlim Sculpt3 complex based on a unique blend of seaweeds deriving from a specific water spring, rich in minerals, in combination with poppy seed extract actives, form a powerful body contouring synergy together with the slimming activity of xanthines. As a result skin’s firmness and tone are improved while body’s silhouette is refined.

Finally, MicroTransDermal Technology enhances absorption of active ingredients in skin leading to boosted effectiveness and optimised results of fine-textured, firmed and resilient skin


* The slimming effect consists in a remodeling action of the product during use under circular massage, which does not cause weight loss.

Visible results

Decrease in thighs circumference up to 2,2cm (with average price 1,44cm)**

Decrease in hips circumference up to 4,1cm (with average price 2,79cm)**

Decrease in buttock circumference up to 4,0cm (with average price 2,36cm)**

Decrease in abdomen circumference up to 4,1cm (with average price 2,21cm)**

Decrease in orange peel appearance: 70%** of panelists

Softer skin: 90%** of panelists

**In vivo assessment for more than 50 days (20 women, 25-65 years of age) with regular circular massage application during nighttime.


Short term action: Orange peel appearance starts to be smoother and skin is softer, well hydrated and toned while contours begin to be refined.

Long term action: Skin dimples are visibly reduced and skin is firmer while silhouette appears slimmer and reshape.


_On a clean and dry skin, evenly apply Beatific Slim Sculptor body cream continuously every evening before sleep on thighs, hips, abdomen, buttock or any other problem area.

_Let the cream penetrate with a light, circular massage until completely absorbed.

After a few minutes, a warm/cool sensation may be experienced possibly accompanied by a slight tingling and redness. These effects are temporary and should disappear after maximum 30 minutes according to skin sensitivity.

_Apply consistently for at least 4 weeks.


_Daily exercise and a healthy diet will also help in achieving a firm well-shaped silhouette and will contribute in optimization of Beatific Slim Sculptor body cream usage results.

_Suitable for all skin types.

_Avoid eye contact - if contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.

_Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

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