Inside the lab

Our quest for perfect beauty

Hygeia dermatologic clinic

For more than four decades the highly experienced medical staff of Hygeia dermatologic clinic offers accurate treatments and high-end services to any skin related medical and cosmetic issue. Valuable experience from active cosmetic and clinical dermatology together with continuous education regarding latest skincare innovations and revolutionary treatments for skin youthfulness and rejuvenation, have created strong expertise and deep knowledge about skin's health and beauty.

The asset of valuable in-clinic experience formed the milestone for the development of Hygeia dermatologic lab, whose mission is to thoroughly investigate, understand and promote skin's health, youthfulness and beauty.

A unique scientific approach to beauty miracles!

Hygeia hospital dermatologists have dedicated their research and development to optimal functioning of skin cells through the design of a state of the art skincare line directly inspired by cosmetic medicine procedures.

Doctors focused their research and development on two main objectives:

  • Skincare treatments that deliver benefits similar to in-clinic aesthetic procedures they follow
  • Products offering holistic beauty results embracing powerful anti-aging and extreme radiance benefits

Beatific is the result of valuable clinical expertise in combination with the need for a non-invasive skincare line that offers injection-free results similar to cosmetic medicine procedures. A highly sophisticated skincare line that is based on premium age-fighting ingredients, nutrients essential to skin health and potent radiance factors.

Hygeia dermatologic clinic lab is characterised by expertise, commits to scientific excellence and delivers outstanding skincare results!

Beatific - Our doctors' way to beauty miracles!