The formula

Proteins: the secret for youthful skin

Our skin is composed of millions of cells that through a natural cellular cycle procedure based on the protein recycling system, they manage to repair skin and maintain it healthy, young and glowing. However, as time goes by, skin defense mechanisms decay leading to wrinkles, dullness, loss of elasticity and other signs of aging.

A "youthcell" mechanism revealed

The pursuit for infinite beauty has led to an exceptional discovery regarding skin aging mechanism directly related to the protein recycling system. Proteins are proven youth markers and reflect skin quality. However, latest medical research has revealed that protein "Progerin” accelerates physiological aging and is responsible for premature aging disease Progeria. Medical studies have proven that damaged and stressed skin contains high levels of "Progerin” while at the same time the ribosomal, mitochondrial and proteasome activities decrease affecting overall skin protein synthesis mechanism.

Youthgene Pro C: Beatific youth activator ingredient complex

Beatific's advanced anti-aging technology complex "Youthgene Pro C” with Alaria SP and 3 precious ingredients entrapped into nanoscopic liposomes, delivers extraordinary defense against damage in the inner layers of skin accelerating anti-aging benefits.

_Alaria SP is an algal active ingredient from French Brittany Sea that is proven to have the ability of entering the proteins' nucleus and suppresses Progerin production in aging cells while reactivating their metabolism and boosting ribosomal and proteasome activity. Furthermore, liposome encapsulated

_Hyalouronic acid and ceramides maintain elasticity and hydration offering plumpness and extreme radiance while

_Vitamin C stimulates collagen production and fights free radicals being an excellent anti-aging and antioxidant agent.

_Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) erases discolorations, enhances skin's barrier function and stimulates microcirculation in the dermis.

_Light Reflecting Technology with active skin illuminators, brightens skin, conceals imperfections and promotes a healthy and young looking skin with enhanced radiance.

Visible results

Day by day skin appears breathtakingly beautiful, stunningly radiant and noticeably younger. A luxury feel and superior texture for an innovatively excellent formulation that promotes incredible age resistance and optimum skin conditions.