Our philosophy


Doctors’ way to beauty miracles.

Since ancient times, radiant skin and glowing aura have been considered symbols of beauty, signs of health and youth as well as reflection of well-being. Ever since, skin’s youthful luminescence has been the core subject for cosmetic scientific research and a never ending quest for women.

Beatific is the merge of BEAuty devotion and medical scienTIFIC innovation into a skincare line that honors beauty through pure radiance uplifting and youth glorification.

Doctors of Hygeia Group, based on their medical expertise and valuable clinical experience, have been inspired by skin’s own youth mechanism of proteins recycling system, developing the potent complex formula Youthgene Pro C. A unique complex of powerful and innovative ingredients that delivers extraordinary defense against damage in skin’s inner layers and accelerates anti-aging benefits. Time fighter treatments for specific skin concerns work in depth, offering healthy glowing and younger looking complexion. Skin is radiant, firmed up, re-texturized and toned just as it would be after a dermatologist’s aesthetic procedure.

Beatific is designed to serve true beauty and scientific excellence in order to:

  • Repair current skin damage
  • Maintain and prolong youthful appearance
  • Fight and prevent any future aging signs

But above all… to provide the valuable skincare experience and knowledge of our doctors, at the comfort of your home.

All Beatific products are dermatologically tested and are recommended by dermatology and plastic surgery clinics of Hygeia Group.