Beatific Beauty Circle

Beauty circle is a unique club for all those who love treating themselves with rewards and gifts.

Become a member and enjoy exclusive offers and gifts while being updated with all latest news from beauty and antiaging world!

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During first purchase of any Beatific product from e-shop or at points of sale, you receive Beauty Circle card. That was it! Now you can keep on winning points and there are 2 ways to do it:

Purcasing online or at points of sale:

Reviewing for any product on website:


1.500 POINTS:
Discount voucher 50€ for next Beatific purchase

3.000 POINTS:
Discount voucher 100€ for next Beatific purchase or choose between “Face Peeling treatment*” and “Endermolift Glowing Complexion Lift Treatment & Eye Lift Treatment**” in DoCare dermatology clinic at Mitera hospital.

5.000 POINTS:
Choose any Beatific product for free or a “Face Mesotherapy***” in DoCare dermatology clinic at Mitera hospital.

In addition you get:
Exclusive newsletter with news and updates
Exclusive invitations for Beatific events


*Face peeling & cleansing: Dermatological peeling is a treatment that delivers skin smoothing and removes destroyed external skin layer. It contributes in improving wrinkles and dark spots.

** Endermolift Glowing Complexion Lift Treatment & Eye Lift Treatment: A treatment that rejuvenates tired and dull face look derived from stress, reduces light wrinkles around eyes, relieves puffiness and erases dark circles.

***Face mesotherapy: a treatment that is applied with specialized microneedles device providing skin cleansing from dead cells and sebum while at the same time dermis (middle skin layer) is enriched with antioxidants, minerals and other beneficial ingredients that nourish and rejuvenate skin.